Thursday, 8 September 2016

Analysis of a Film Still

Analysing Mise-en-scene. This frame is from the film "Frank". This frame uses low key lighting to show mystery and an air of confusion around the main character Frank. It shows his elusive nature as he is remaining anonymous through the use of his mask. It is also shown that he is confident through his dominant body language and the fact he is centre stage among all of the action. His large mask shows how he is dominated by his minds influence and his body has no effect on his vision of a perfect auditory world, this becomes more apparent later in the film. With context to the film the large head also shows how he is trapped in a world of surreal angst and that he is pushing boundary's with severe performing eccentricity. His eccentric clothing and body language shows that on the outside he is comfortable with himself however the mask used to cover his face begs to differ and shows the point that he needs to hide behind someone else to be himself in society

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