Friday, 28 October 2016

Representation of Disability- Casualty

This extract constructs representations of disability using sound to show the venerability of the disabled man in scene six. A deep bass drum is used to show the anxiety of the disabled character when he is threatened by a pair of young men increasing the tension of the scene, the drum also shows his heart beat and the irregular pulse. In scene five happy flamenco music in a major key is used to show the relaxed and happy atmosphere of the scene, it also shows the friendship between his disabled brother and his carer which is countering the normal media stereotype of disabled people being a burden to their carers.
The editing in scenes with Eli are fast and increasing in blatancy showing the anxiety of Eli in the scene, this is in contrast to the final scene of the extract where the fast editing is used to show the disabled mans competency under pressured situations. Midway through the extract popular media stereotypes are challenged with the two brothers discussing their romantic inquiries, for this relaxed scene the editing is slowed down and the use of shot reverse shot is increased to show the normal conversation being held between the two brothers.
This extract uses camerawork to show the disorientation in Eli, the camera spins to show his confusion and bewilderment. After Eli collapses the camera is positioned low on the ground, this only shows the feet of the women that caused his collapse with Eli's face only showing. This shows how society feels disabled people are below them. Multiple long shots are used in Eli's scenes showing his venerability and his helplessness as you can see no one around him. In the Final shot of Eli a high angle is used showing how standard media portrays people with disabilities as being weak through the dominance of the camera. During the conversation between the brothers eye line shots are used to show the equality between them and how there is no divide between power.
The mise-en-scene in Eli's first scene has women dominating the frame showing how claustrophobic Eli feels when confronted. In Eli's final scene he gives an angel to the Waitress showing how he is venerable and in need of a saviour. The theme of being saved and vunrable is very prominent throughout this extract with a life preserver being seen behind the disabled brother showing his need for help and how he is a burden to his carer/brother however with him engaging in standard conversation challenging this stereotype.

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